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Sully Wong x CÎROC Bluestone Low Sneaker PART I


Sully Wong x CÎROC Bluestone Low Sneaker PART II


About the SW x Cîroc Bluestone Low shoes, and the epic event to launch them. The low tops have a slim profile, all-leather upper, and subtle branding (Cîroc and Sully Wong in blue stitching) on either side. This is all moot to most, as the exclusive sneakers aren’t available for sale—however, it is another feather in the cap of a design team that hints at ever-bigger things to come: “At the moment we are being courted by some of the biggest and brightest the entertainment industry has to offer, so I can comfortably say that are future is bright…and busy,” Sully says.

Displayed alongside the elegant blue Cîroc bottle in full-on sunlight, the all-white shoes looked to be tailor-made for the event, against the gleaming white of Cabana Pool Bar and the white sailboats choreographed to move conveyor belt-like along our sightline for the afternoon. Have we mentioned the man gamely performing loop de loops with a water jet pack? How about the Cîroc mermaids clad in carnival-style blue sequins, trailing blue and white balloons, dancing on platforms, and quite memorably, promenading in a large bubble—”Can they breathe?” we asked, as they upturned into the pool.

How did two Toronto-based streetwear designers who are steadily making their mark on the sneaker world end up pairing with a premium vodka?

“Simply but…’they asked, we delivered!’ As it was scheduled for a summer release, we wanted to make a low top summer silhouette, using their white and blue colours as the lead. The key to making the shoe was to keep it sleek, simple and premium like the vodka itself. Clean premium leather upper, with a bold blue insole. Pretty happy with the final results.”

excerpt taken from View the Vibe written by Alexandra Grigorescu

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